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James is particularly grumpy tonight / Autism comes to Sesame Street / Calling someone out that needed to be called out / Spiritual talk with Minister Freeman / More!

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Valentines day and relationship talk / Genders / Protesters are becoming animals / Bill Nye is back / TJ the Science Guy calls / Caller Alex says being naked is freedom / Max Sand opines on the crazy liberals / Nathan from Texas likes lizards / Donate to the show at

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Vince and Johnson join me on the show for a very special Rich Paul meme contest

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Vincent and Ian join me on the show tonight / TJ the Spy and Parker call in / Corey Feldman is back! / Why I don't go on 4Chan / Bill Clinton comes to Keene / Those Trump pussy comments / Culture is not your friend / Dropping addictions / Rob Ford smoking crack video / More!

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Nick Ryder from the other libertarian comedy show joins me for his first and last appearance on OTAL

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I went on a date, but how many of my online convos were shared with all her friends? Guess I'll give you guys all the details too / Patriotic memes / "be yourself" / Fuckin' screens at Applebees / Nathan calls in for some more dating chat / Probably a few other things! Help us out with your donations at

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A Cantwell listener calls in to chat about the infamous AAD episode from Friday and the incident that occurred after the show / Parker really wants me to watch a conspiracy doc and apparently talk to his mom on the phone / A Flat Earther calls in / Go 4 It! / I'm glad Gary Johnson didn't get into the debates / Ian pops in the second seat to talk about consciousness and reality / Enjoy!

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It's 9/11 eve, let's get drunk! / I'm joined by TJ, Bud, and Ian with calls from Dante, Brian, Nathan, and James / Meth / Time before technology / Mormons are creepy / 9/11 troof / Nintendo / Sex robots / Here to save the world or turn wine into piss? / Way too much more for show notes! Just listen!

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Comments[0] petitions are a fucking joke / The DEA is making Kratom Schedule 1 and doesn't care what you think / Quitting drugs...still a drunk though / Caller Jacob is thinking about moving to Keene, I talk to him about what life is like here / Life shit / James yells at me as per usual / More!

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OTAL podcasts are back! / Parker calls in with some bad business propositions / Liberty Phoenix phones in to catch up / Fat shaming / James Witt calls and we almost have a productive conversation / That football guy who didn't stand for the national anthem / Making fun of patriotic songs / Alex Jones impressions / Nathan's flying experience / Much more!

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