OFF THE AIR LIVE is an explosive, uncensored internet talk show that skewers the latest in news, politics, and pop culture. Libertarian radio personality, Cody O'Connor, brings you the craziest, most hot-headed rants every week in what is the most exciting radio show on the web. Dangerous, hilarious, and LIVE every Thursday and Saturday night at 10pm EST!

MaLinda sits in to start going over the list of 20 things girls do that guys don't think about...we quickly get sidetracked into a chick she'd bang and apparantly I wouldn't be allowed to watch / Brian calls into to tell us his experiences with threesomes / Poly listener, Melinda calls and asks the question, what's the difference between banging same or different gender, isn't a person a person? / Hour one wraps up with a huge Cody&MaLinda fight, you guys won't want to miss this one / We talk to Liberty Phoenix about the FCC approving the end of net neutrality / Final half hour it's the Nate and Nathan show...expensive hot dog buns, name brand crap, and is going out and getting hammered all it's cracked up to be? / Enjoy, guys!

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