OFF THE AIR LIVE is an explosive, uncensored internet talk show that skewers the latest in news, politics, and pop culture. Libertarian radio personality, Cody O'Connor, brings you the craziest, most hot-headed rants every week in what is the most exciting radio show on the web. Dangerous, hilarious, and LIVE every Thursday and Saturday night at 10pm EST!

Mike McEleney is up from Nashua, hanging out in studio! / We chat about how tap water tastes like metallic spit, and how people spend their time and money. Yes I'm judging you based on what you're buying in front of me at the grocery store / Liberty Phoenix calls in and I explain how if you listen to one host to wait for your opinions you are a weak character. Think for yourself some / Sodagate! Nate from Legacy Radio joins me as we go over some Facebook drama that went down over an anti soda post I made. Coke apologists are out there and ready to defend their addiction to slave juice! / More!

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