OFF THE AIR LIVE is an explosive, uncensored internet talk show that skewers the latest in news, politics, and pop culture. Libertarian radio personality, Cody O'Connor, brings you the craziest, most hot-headed rants every week in what is the most exciting radio show on the web. Dangerous, hilarious, and LIVE every Thursday and Saturday night at 10pm EST!

The only podcast that does longer aftershows than shows. This ep clocks in at 3.2 hours! / Cody breaks down how ISIS was armed by the CIA and not from the US "pulling out" or "cutting and running" / We're arming little countries and then going in and blowing the shit out of them, Bill Hicks said this over 20 years ago and it's still relevant / The American public is getting gang banged by the power elite, it's time to wipe the jizz off and GTFO / Nate and Shane from Legacy Radio call in before they kick off their show / Brian joins us at the top of the second hour for his take on last episodes Sodagate / Liberty Phoenix pops on and we chat about how dumb the World Cup is / Then it's the 2 hour aftershow with Brian, LP, Nate, Nathan, and Mandy! This is a long one so it might be a great listen for your drive down to Porcfest!

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