OFF THE AIR LIVE is an explosive, uncensored internet talk show that skewers the latest in news, politics, and pop culture. Libertarian radio personality, Cody O'Connor, brings you the craziest, most hot-headed rants every week in what is the most exciting radio show on the web. Dangerous, hilarious, and LIVE every Thursday and Saturday night at 10pm EST!

What's with this FCC bill? Is it real? Nothing feels real to me anymore unless it affects me directly / Jihad John will never sound as scary as Osama Bin Laden / Just do drugs. Drop acid. Remembering Bill Hicks. It's just a ride, folks! / Control is psychological / Doing the Nofap challenge / Hawking thinks the Hadron Collider is going to get us all killed...time to have that orgy you always wanted!

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