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Off The Air Live 27 12-30-10

COMEDY TALK RADIO - with CODY, and MAIKO! Website of the week goes to the band Hellbent / Mean Yahoo answers / December blues / Kids don't want to work anymore / some interesting discussion here!

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Off The Air Live 26 12-23-10

COMEDY TALK RADIO - with CODY, CURT, and MALINDA! The second annual OTAL christmas special! / Christmas spirit means maxing out my credit card / ladybug killer / We love cheap VHS tapes / hot topic / stupid fruitcake jokes / mean Yahoo answers / Much more! / Jam-packed, hilarious episode!

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Off The Air Live 25 12-19-10

COMEDY TALK RADIO - With CODY, MALINDA, and BRIAN! Cody got some pamphlets from a Jehova's Witness. We have fun with that bullshit / Too many witches have podcasts / Go fly a kite / And more! / Listen!

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Off The Air Live 24 12-16-10

COMEDY TALK RADIO - with CODY, MAIKO, and TYLER! Hilarious show! / Jesus's guitar pick on ebay / the pedophile's sniper shootout test / more crazy mean yahoo answers / SO much more!

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Off The Air Live 23 12-09-10

COMEDY TALK RADIO - with CODY, MAIKO, and PATIENCE! Fucking hilarious show, LISTEN TO IT / We give mean advice on Yahoo Answers / Dora the Explorer and other hispanic fun / a bathroom horror story / So much more / FUNNIEST SHOW EVER!

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The Cody O'Connor Show LOST EPISODE 9-15-07

We proudly present you a NEVER BEFORE HEARD episode of The Cody O'Connor Show from the OTAL vaults! This is a hilarious show that was locked away for three whole years and just released today! / Full of Don Imus impressions.

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Off The Air Live 22 11-28-10

COMEDY TALK RADIO - with CODY and MALINDA! Thanksgiving wrapup / Stop blowing eachother up! / Are hugs too much public affection? / Black Eyed Peas at the superbowl / Axl Rose sues over Guitar Hero III three years later / Much more!

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Off The Air Live 21 11-21-10

COMEDY TALK RADIO - with CODY and MALINDA! Awful episode! / Please check out newer episodes at

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Off The Air Live 20 11-18-10

COMEDY TALK RADIO - with CODY and MALINDA! We talk about the TSA groping your dick for bombs / Goth kids / The Green Lantern trailer / Bloomberg says salt is bad, fuck him / Katy Perry and boob talk / the beard origin story / and way more!

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Off The Air Live 19 11-14-10

BONUS SHOW! With CODY, MALINDA, and MAIKO! We talk about Wal-Mart on fire / Old people in desparate situations / Podcast Alley is broken / The magic of radio / music talk / Mrs. Frizzle and the magic school bus / Morningsteel / And SO much more! Two and a half hours of fun!

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