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Off The Air Live 35 2-23-11

COMEDY TALK RADIO- With CODY, JON, and special guest "THE EAST COAST SUPER MUTANTS"! We talk to the band about their upcoming album, recent concerts and some really big names in metal that they've met personally / A hilarious round of Yahoo Answers and more than I can even remember / effing listen.

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COMEDY TALK RADIO - With CODY, JON, and MAIKO! Valentines day hub-ub / The god-awful Grammy awards / Reading Baptist literature and making fun of it / Egypt needs to get over it and simmer down / Plenty more!

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Off The Air Live 33 2-9-11

COMEDY TALK RADIO!  With- CODY, JON, and MAIKO! The super bowl half time show was absolutely horrible / Cody pussied out of learning CPR / Chinese parents no good / And a ton more hilarious stuff! LISTEN.

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Off The Air Live 32 2-2-11

COMEDY TALK RADIO! with CODY, JON, and MALINDA! "Blizzard" hits the nation / School buses deserve to be passed / A host of sex and science discussions / Bill O'Reilly wants to know how the moon got there / Tour shirts / Much more! Awesome show.

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