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Off The Air Live 48 5-29-11

COMEDY TALK RADIO - With CODY, JON, MIKE, and RYAN! It's our Memorial Day Speical! / Yard sale and BBQ weekend / Broken lamps for sale / Selena Gomez gets hilarious death threats / Ghost hunters and UFO hunters hanging out / Funniest show!

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Off The Air Live 47 5-25-11

COMEDY TALK RADIO - With CODY, JON, and MALINDA! Happy mow your lawn day! / A school bus saw me naked / Clumsyness turns into anger / People at metal shows are horrible / No Rapture for Earth / Morgan from Stop the Show calls in! / Listen!

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Off The Air Live 46 5-18-11

COMEDY TALK RADIO - With CODY, JON, CURT, DALTON, MIKE and special guests THE BOOTYHOLES! We talk to Giger Candy about her music / Washing your hands in the bathroom / Arnie's "love child" / an amazing bullet round / Crazy hilarious show, must listen!

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Off The Air Live 45 5-11-11

COMEDY TALK RADIO - With CODY, and JON! Off The Air Live declares war on 15 year olds and spaghetti dinners / Uganda sucks but not as bad as Facebook girls / Uninformed movie reviews / MaLinda calls in / Bullet round!

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Off The Air Live 44 5-4-11

COMEDY TALK RADIO- With CODY, MALINDA, and OSAMA! He's dead. Our thoughts/jokes / Mike calls in / Celebrity tweets are news now / Kid trying to feed shark gets bit / I hate the MS Word paperclip / Trying to swear less/ More!

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