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Off The Air Live 81 1-25-12

COMEDY TALK RADIO - With CODY, and JON! Miley Cyrus licks a dick cake / Sports are dumb / Web drama / How out of shape we are / TSA detained Rand Paul / Yahoo! Answers / MORE.

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Off The Air Live 80 1-18-12

COMEDY TALK RADIO - With CODY, and JON! Is it wrong to shit on the corpse of a dead ant? / A cruise ship crashes / We get a call from a real live racist! / More!

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Off The Air Live 79 1-12-12

COMEDY TALK RADIO - With CODY and JON! We're back from vacation and have so much to talk about! / I dont feel like writing show notes / Thanks.

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Off The Air Live 77 12-14-11

COMEDY TALK RADIO - With CODY, MIKE, and JON! Here it is, the drunk show / I have no fucking idea what we talked about but rest assured, it's all total insanity / Thanks.

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