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Off The Air Live 86 2-26-12

COMEDY TALK RADIO - With CODY O'CONNOR! A bonus coffee sippin' Sunday show for you / These girls won't leave me alone / I am a coffee purist (addict) / An honest look at politics / People going crazy for a pair of shoes / and so much more!

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Off The Air Live 85 2-22-12

COMEDY TALK RADIO - With CODY, JON, and CHAI TEA! Rick Santorum warns us of the threat of Satan / ADELE flips off an entire awards show / Houston coffin pics revealed / Our standup sets from last week / And more!

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Off The Air Live 84 2-15-12

COMEDY TALK RADIO - With CODY , JON, and CHRIS FRITZ! Whitney Houston has drowned in a tub / Songs about bullies / A recap of the Grammy's / Megadeth endorses Santorum / SO much more, this show was hilarious!

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Off The Air Live 83 2-8-12

COMEDY TALK RADIO - With CODY, and JON! Boxtops still exist! We sign up online / Don't be afraid to be naked / Caffeine is now inhalable! / Valentines Day relationship advice / Thanks.

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Off The Air Live 82 2-01-12

COMEDY TALK RADIO - With CODY, and JON! It's hobo night! We try a variety of dollar store cuisine / Cody almost throws up / Birth control recall / Yahoo answers / More!

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