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Off The Air Live 95 4-25-12

With CODY and JON! How do you get away with scratching your ass in public?  / Animators should stop writing their scripts / Us versus memes / Other junk.

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Off The Air Live 94 4-18-12

COMEDY TALK RADIO - With CODY, and MIKE! Ted Nugent gets in trouble with the secret service / The secret service gets in trouble with hookers / Janet Jackson's tit is worth $500,000 dollars according to the FCC apparently / Teacher and student relationships are fine, get over it / This show is brought to you by lots of vodka. Enjoy

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Off The Air Live 93 4-11-12

COMEDY TALK RADIO - With CODY and MIKE! A meth lab found in a Wal-Mart bathroom / So close to being a serial killer / Mike's pink shirt / Calls from LEGACY RADIO, WASTED TASTE RADIO and a cool dude from Boston / Hilarious show, this is a must listen!

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Off The Air Live 92 4-3-12

COMEDY TALK RADIO - With CODY O'CONNOR! Trayvon Martin / Dumb lottery winners, dumber lottery losers / People have a Facebook problem / People rioting over sports games / Shootings and tornados / And more!

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