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Don't blame the stores for taking EBT cards for beer and cigs, blame the government for enforcing that  they do! / Stephen Hawking tells me all the ways  I could die / Mark and Jo Ann Skousen join us to talk about this years Freedom Fest in Vegas / Marbles suck, they're not a toy / Nate from Legacy Radio reports from a clubhouse full of "ghosts" and hilarity ensues.

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Off The Air Live 103 6-20-12

It's too hot for pants! / Ice cream trucks make noise all day and this bothers no one else? / Adam Carolla says men are funnier than women, idiots on Twitter react negatively / The Microsoft Surface / Yahoo Answers and taking down drunk podcasts part II / Thanks.

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George Bush's severed head was in Game of Thrones and now people are saying boycott HBO / The national average of a fathers day gift is $117 dollars. What?! / Taking down drunk podcasts part I / Selling your soul to the devil is a bad deal for the devil / This Caiden Cowger child isn't too fond of the gays.

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Off The Air Live 101 6-6-12

Bloomberg is at it again with stuff he wants to ban, this time it's soda / Marco from joins us to talk about what is being called the Netflix of porn / Yahoo answers / Thanks.

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