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The media is driving me crazy, we only need to discuss an issue once, and they get way too excited whenever a mass killing happens / That's kind of it, I've been working insane hours and I'm exhausted. Sorry guys.

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People at the beach make me look bad! / Too much time online causes mental disorders and inactivity causes death. Uh oh / Nobody needs novelty T-shirts / Yahoo answers / Obama says you didn't work for the stuff you have / Thanks!

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Shouldn't buying a car be like buying anything else? Why all the paperwork and taxes? / Homeland Security now has a laser that can scan your molecules / Yahoo answers / Skype and Facebook has led to increased plastic surgery / and Maine's Governor made "remarks" that got him in trouble. Trust me, you'll be fine. Thanks!

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A whiskey sippin' Sunday show! / What are we celebrating with all these holidays? / We only like to legalize stuff that keep poor people preoccupied, nothing that actually matters / Who are these people that buy gelato and hang out at coffee shops? How do they exist? / Magic mushroom mishap / and a round of Yahoo answers

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