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Jam packed hour! / Got locked out of my house during 3rd party debates, but watched them today / Found out in Mass at the TD Garden you have to be 25 to drink out of state / Gay marriage in Maine? Apparently a lot of people don't want it / Should people vote for condoms in ALL porn? / More!

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The drinking age should be the same as the voting age to help kids deal with these awful elections / Mass has a way of ignoring phonics / Atlas Shrugged Part II review / What to do when you have a body in your house, and more!

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Joined with JON BROWNE and NATE from LEGACY RADIO! A teacher's boobs got on a school iPad, kids get suspended for looking / Victimless crimes are fine, leave people alone / The history of the US hoping people attack us so we can go to war / Rapid fire discussion of a TON of other stuff, must listen to episode!

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BONUS SHOW with Nate from Legacy Radio! / Our pricey car troubles / The Walking Dead premiere / The Purell culture / Preparing as the Holidays approach / tech talk / Starting to think that being stupid is what's cool these days / Bullying. Is it free speech or harassment?

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The government charges two in a Maine prostitution ring- the media can't wait to release a client list which is NONE of our business / Real people ask "who are WE to redefine marriage?" and I ask, who are YOU to decide who can marry? / Yahoo Answers / The list of bad stuff Columbus did / The best way for a politician to create jobs? Kill yourself. Second best way, END THE FED / Much more!

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New segment, OTAL news covers- News anchor responds to e-mail calling her obese, a poll asking "how can you support a Mormon?" and Christmas spending predicted to go up this year. Also covered- exclusive audio from the presidential debate, riding a manatee is illegal, a bullet round of Yahoo Answers, fat fingers responsible for most ad clicks on smart phones, a TSA agent caught stealing an iPad, and the question, why don't people trust an atheist?

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