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Making me pray at Thanksgiving is like me forcing my ideas down your throat...Only I don't do that / Black Friday was fun and I got cool stuff, it's not political, don't make it / If you don't like your hours, get a different job / The U.S. debt isn't MY debt, so why should I be concerned that they suck with money? / What does a Twinkee and an unmanned drone have in common? / First world problems / More! Great stuff!

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Seeing pre-teens line up for a certain movie proves to me that America is addicted to stupid / A Youtube troll misses the point on my videos / The fiscal cliff is a sham / Yahoo Answers / Homelessness permits? Yup. / TSA arrests dude with "unusual" watch / more!

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Call of Duty is getting really drone-ey lately / Beck wants Republicans to move out of the East, I'm okay with this / Petraeus should be fired for way other reasons / Leave Elmo alone / Papa John's is trying to be the next Chick Fil-A / and some crazy radio ads making sure you "do the right thing" and pay taxes on things you bought online and out of state / Thanks!

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I guest hosted on another show called Brush Fires of the Mind. We talked about introducing liberty to new people, election burnout, succession, and a whole lot more! Regular weekday show to come too!

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Off The Air Live 12Technical difficulties, because why would things ever work the way they're supposed to / Other stuff but I don't care

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Americans are cool with wasting their time, money, and food, but draw the line at their vote? I don't get it / Rock the vote or pop-synth-new wave-alt rock the vote? You decide / Free State Project makes big news today / Taking calls and an extended Yahoo Answers / My final case for Gary Johnson before election time.

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Survived the pansy ass hurricane, now I'm more worried about this post-Halloween party hangover / A neat Facebook trick to find out which of your friends have liked Romney or Obama and remove them from your life / Are other libertarian shows getting preachy? Let's make the movement cool and stop turning people away / Yahoo Answers / An old dude gets his meth lab busted, it's a sad day in Florida / Much more!

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