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The second live broadcast from liberty forum! Cody and MaLinda chat with Cecelia from Ladies in Keene, Derrick J Freeman, and Luthor, from the band A Minor Revolution. Enjoy!

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Here's the Thursday edition of OTAL live at the Liberty Forum in Nashua New Hampshire! The audio is a little weird but we still had alot of fun! Enjoy!

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Here's my take on the Ron Paul .com controversy, gets a little yelly. Sorry, had to do it / Music chat, talking about the grammy's and rock music!

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We conduct a "science experiment" to find out how flammable the contents of  wallet are / Trying to figure out this Dorner thing / Valentines day, and do people spend their money on useless shit? / Takin' calls / SOTU and Rubio / A romance themed Yahoo Answers / And the poliltician who wants to make it illegal to photoshop people and make fun of them / Fun show!

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Nemo hits New England, and we have blizzard stories! / Bans on travel in Mass and Conn, but did you know they shut down the liquor stores in New Hampshire? / Government is the opposite of Social Darwinism / That manhunt and all the dead civilians in its wake. Enjoy!

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The government redefines the words imminent and combatant, so I'm redefining the word obscene / Leaked info on Obama's drone war / Libertarians shaping the convo to the state vs you and not left vs right / Jailtime over a middle finger? A judge thinks that's reasonable / Synthetic marijuana makes a girl go blind / Ron Paul created a stir over a tweet / More!

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Puxatony Phil did the right thing today, the White House released a photo of Obama shooting a gun and said not to photoshop it. Oh, we totally did anyway / Zeitgeist stuff and a call on the FED / USPS drivers get traffic immunity? More!

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Jon's here hanging out for the Thursday edition! / 6 year olds with toys are frightful, we should expel them / Applying for a medical marijuana card / Taking your calls! / Much more! Lot's of fun drunk times!

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