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Ben Ferguson and Andy Dean - the fresh young voices in radio, with ancient old man opinions. It doesn't count / Picasso dick chin paining sells for 155 mil, what the eff?! / Yahoo Answers / Red equal signs on FB, meanwhile GMO's are coming to your food / Bacon flavored condoms / Thanks!

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Saturday edish with stories on the Smartwatch, and that lying groundhog / Jimmy Fallon fucking sucks. Even worse, now he's getting the tonight show. Comedy talk / Stupidity is cool / Thanks.

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2.5 hour drunk show with Cody and Jon! Calls from Cecelia and Nate. Pure craziness, with a dash of stupidity. Enjoy!

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Being afraid because North Korea is firing test missiles is a lot like (insert many dumb examples here) / Should minimum wages increase or maybe should the FED stop inflating the money supply, and maybe the taxes should go away / I'm only drinking because I do this every day, other holiday rants / Yahoo Answers about a dude who wants a pet spider / More!

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Rant requests for cheese and dicks / News story says the obvious: Circumcision makes sex less good / Purityrannical America / The Sadness belt and 37% of people are stupid / Iranstagram / More!

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Bloomberg's after loud iPod's too! / Apparently we're impressionable libertarian kids / Interesting convo on people coming together to stop government / Daylight savings gives people heart attacks? More!

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Beer and liquor slogans vs fast food slogans, something seems a bit off / NYC sugary drink ban finally hitting the city, meanwhile, 80% of their kids literally can't read / Dumb lady dies drinking Coca-Cola every day / Chavez death brings drinking ban for a week of mourning / Rand Paul filibuster / North Korea and war stuff / Curing Winter / Thank a Janitor / Much more! Thanks.

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Welcome to March, and a hilarious Saturday edition of the show / Dunkin' and their expensive coffee / Why you should be eating your veggies / Jennifer Lawrence got caught smoking the weed, and why I feel a fatherly feeling towards this person / Marijuana legalization coming to a lot of New England / House of Cards is such a good show / Lots more!!!

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Glenn Beck begs for acceptance from it about time we be a little more open minded to newcomers who want to learn? / We talk to Chris Spangle from We are Libertarians about this / How I got in a fight with Angel Clark on this / Taking calls / I almost died twice coming back from Liberty Forum / Nate from Legacy Radio joins to discuss how Adam Carolla is getting sued over patent law / Obama and this whole sequester bull / Jam packed show!

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