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Get your weiner's out for a crazy Thursday OTAL! / Comedian Chris Fritz calls in and catches up with us / Nate from Legacy Radio Skype cohosts and things get wild! / Not at all a political episode. Enjoy!

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The butt of a lady I saw at Wal-Mart...someone should tell her she looks ridiculous / Fat lady falls out of rollercoaster, could have been avoided if someone just told her she was too fat / I don't get rides, drugs are way more fun / Faking emotions to make yourself feel better / Sexual repression results in more porn watching / Enjoy!

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Everything about the Rolling Stone cover that's offending people and why being offended is dumb / Compared to Time's Person of the Year being Hitler, Stalin, and Bernanke, the RS cover is not that bad / Emmy nominations, Netflix breaks into the mix / Pot legalization will be voted on for Portland Maine in November / Yahoo Answers / Liberty Drama and the need for PR. Enjoy!

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Zimmerman. Riot. Mostly just those words. Enjoy!

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How to handle convos about government and war with family and normal folk / Simplify liberty, people really are that dumb / We did a bit of chalking activism today! / Convo about the medical properties of weed, I might have said CMD instead of CBD. Hey, I'm still learning! Enjoy!

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Cody hates holiday themed shows, so here's our July 4th themed OTAL! / Spoof ad to join the government, our freedom is way better / How to not eff up burgers and other grilling tips / I don't get fireworks, humans are weird / Heightened police presence today as well as terror drills. Not very independence sounding is it? / Anger vs comedy with activism and dealing with the state. Can we use both? / SO much more! Enjoy!

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