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Oooh we got a cop story tonight, bonus, I got accused of smelling of alcohol / Getting in depth into what happened / That's about it, see you guys in a few days!

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It's the Nate and Nathan hour! Just listen!

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The panic induced by my Internet going down this morning. Am I addicted? / Oreos are no more addictive than heroin. People just like things that feel good / Bored and lonely people are more prone to drug use, so is the solution to make life more fun? / Addiction to Statism, and the failed idea of stopping people from hurting themselves / Addiction to power in politics, the worst one of them all!

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Don't mind me, I'm just too busy bein' poor! / Why the Monetary policy is to blame for a higher cost of living, and the debt ceiling is directly related. End the Fed! / Making fun of dollar folding conspiracies / Good Morning America sucks, and so do the "artists" they get on / #suicide / Bomb cartoon suspension / Enjoy!

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The TSA now plays a message over their loudspeaker that you will be arrested for inappropriate jokes, so I give you a few examples of what a TSA joke might sound like / EBT got effed up today! / It must be nice to like sports, because this debt ceiling whatever is becoming annoying / An episode of Undercover Boss that got me going. And no, it's not a libertarian anything, I just didn't like it. I'm allowed to do that / Enjoy!

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Enough talk about the government, we do a laid back OTAL on a bunch of other stuff / Food and dieting talk...trying to go paleo as a poor man / Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad / Bomb threats are just a way out of tests / Sexual stuff / Halloween / Probably more!

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The Feds shut down the oceans and the canyons / Media hype and fear mongering / Could they shutdown the airwaves or internet with this logic? / Talk show hosts who are starting to get it / more!

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Innocent lady killed, I mean, shooting in DC / Government paid vacation, I mean, government shutdown / How do you close a forest? / Our dumb monkey brains and society / Government force, I mean, Obamacare / Burning my social contract / Liberty hitting critical mass / Is there an armored vehicle coming to your home town? There is mine / Sales tax / Pot legalization news / Enjoy!

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