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Do we judge people based on the things they wear? Is that a reason to be naked moar? / Always being mad at grocery stores / Just once TV should make an honest sex scene where everyone is clumsy and awkward / There should be a New Years Eve tradition of seeing if we actually did the shit we said we would the LAST year / Using shame and guilt to your advantage / Have a good one!

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Batman broke my Xbox on Christmas! / Supplementing up, and working on health again / Ian calls in with some good LRN news / Dissecting more talk show hosts that I think are dumb / a Caiden Cowger drinking game! / Enjoy!

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Cody covers the Duck Dynasty baloney, remember I hated these fools way before it was cool / How two bit talk show hosts eat this crap up whilst the NSA does whatever it wants / Nate calls in, and things get drunk and crazy!

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Researchers call Bond an alcoholic. Too bad they couldn't put those resources toward something like, ya know, curing cancer! / The media making a big deal out of selfies and why old timey portraits were way better / The government is a losing proposition / and more drug talk! / Have a good one guys!

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Obama taking a selfie, probably the most important thing. Definitely not the wedding he just droned that killed 15 people! / With legal weed on the way, the temperance movement returns / Top 10 psychoactive drugs used in religious ceremonies. Well that's not very temperancy of you... / Was Santa a shaman drug dealer? / Rob Rebel calls in and we talk about how conspiracy theories are fun / A Fox News anchor wants a white Christmas, and not in the way you might think / 15 reasons why you should date a comic / Enjoy!

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Nelson "Spear of the Nation" Mandela is dead, bet ya didn't know he killed people! / Paul "Tokyo Drift into a Tree" Walker also dead! It's death week! / Comparing quotes from the two men, you guess who said what / Duck Dynasty rant. Why are there shirts everywhere for those dimwits and no Chomsky tees? / More thoughts on the lovely concept of death, and a nice lil after show for ya! Enjoy!

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Let's dig under the meaningless Kim Kardashian updates of the news and get to some real shit tonight / Metaphysics and Spirit Science, what it means and how tapping into our conciousness can help us break free from going through life as a mindless zombie slave / Consumerism vs capitalism, and why Black Friday is VERY annoying to me / Have an open mind, we covered a lot of weird stuff tonight!

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