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Mark Dice is my new Caiden Cowger / Conspiracy people are horribly unconvincing, even if they are in fact right on some stuff / Every shirt at Forever 21 should say "Shallow Bitch" on it / Calls from Mike and Nathan, plus plenty more!

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Nate from Legacy Radio joins me for a 2 hour long joint show!

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MUST LISTEN EPISODE! / Taboo topics are the best ones, screw the weather / Social anxiety makes more sense than being pee shy / How to make celebs like Bieber go away / I'd rather hug a tree than some random relative / OTAL coming to the 2014 Liberty Forum! / Do I care about the news with Nate from Legacy Radio / No one cares when "man" dies / Music sucks now / Nate and Nathan / Much more!!!

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I'm getting too good at predicting things / We already got our first shooting and racist old white folk / Getting to the root of problems / Obama and the NSA / Enjoy!

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More OTAL utopia ideas, things to stick your parts in while you drive equals less road rage / What does saying go team accomplish? / Rand Paul wants a "light" sentence for Snowden, I give him a "light" rant for his dumb thoughts / Enjoy!

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Quantam physics is about to prove that death is an illusion, but hang on, we have to talk about Bridgegate! / You bet I want a fat president, fatter and much less ambitious than Chris Christie, however / Libertarians should like Existentialist philosophy / More thoughts on the merging of science and spirituality / MAJOR rant on the illegality of psychedelics / Nate joins for hour number to to talk about how we both got started with Bitcoin today, and apparently so did! / Nathan calls and we chat about more stuff! / Donate some bitcoin to the show!19rNk32zSXBD18ZscswboCCUrhWpvwt5sZ

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Nate from Legacy Radio joins me as we take your calls and get a little silly on a Saturday night! I think you guys will like this one!

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Happy New Year! / I was drunk and hadn't slept in 2 days when recording this so it's mostly weird stuff but maybe some gems too, I haven't listened back yet.

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