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Trying to keep up with the Ukraine thing, is the US government trying to dupe us into war again? / How quickly the story about the kid who snuck on a plane became about terror threats / Calls from Liberty Phoenix and Brian about this and other stuff / Things get heated in the aftershow when MaLinda Bee gets contrarian about Bitcoin!

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OTAL welcomes newcomer Lee to the mic in studio tonight! / Lots of good random drunken fun on this one, just listen!

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We talk about the pros and cons of social media tonight! / On one hand, the current generation is experiencing a disconnect that hurts social abilities, but on the good side, it's a powerful tool for viral knowledge and bringing together community for more rapid societal change / Joining me for the talk tonight we Had MaLinda Bee, Nate and Ken from Legacy Radio, Liberty Phoenix, and new caller, Brian / Really deep stuff on this one!

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School stabbing turned out to be an EPIC FAIL on his part, survivors took hospital selfies and made me wish they flatlined / Going through life afraid is the wrong way to do it. Also, don't expect some afterlife to be better, make NOW better / Nate calls in and we both make fun of me, the liberty shaman / HUGE aftershow also joined by Nathan and Ken! I'm a tad drinky by this point! / Have a good one!

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Listener e-mails encouraged me to keep with the weird episodes, and this one should deliver! / What are chakras, how do they effect the body, and is it possible that the system perpetuates a state of imbalance with a healthy dose of constant fear and other factors that keep us in a low state of consciousness / Is that what creates the zombie effect, and does that make the phrase, waking up, more literal than we once thought?

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Earthquakes aren't fun, but they do remind us who's in charge, and it's not the government / Watching the movie Gravity also gave me a new perspective on humanity, and our very conciousness being dependant on the planet / In contrast, Hollywood is pumping out God movies lately. Is glorification of saviors and the afterlife leading to us ignoring nature, and the hear and now? / TV and movies are an addiction anyways, we need to break free and pay attention to the forces trying to control us / TV is fine, but psychedelics are illegal? After reading Brave New World, I don't think it's an accident. They'd rather keep us sedated than thinking, and spiritually awake.

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All of the politically incorrect musings you'd expect from OTAL after a shooting / Ken chimes in with his take, and then we talk transhumanism and metaphysical junk / Finally, that story about the former World Bank lady who says there's aliens in charge of all this / Shenobi in the chat calls in to talk UFO, and Nathan gives his point of view as well / Good stuff!

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The National Anthem sucks as a song, you guys know rock exists, right? / Ken calls in because he's offended, but not sure why he's offended / #CancelColbert hashtag trends on twitter, another case of people wanting to be offended, missing the context, and not realizing TV has an off button / Nathan calls in with his thoughts / Enjoy!

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