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I'm so pro-Whtie House Jumper it's crazy / But in all actuallity, the guy had PTSD and was on SSRI's so it shouldn't come as a shock that he did it. Would he be better off on medical marijuana or MDMA? / A big, brave first time listener sent me some hate mail. I explain why that's an insane thing to do as a person and it's behavior you only see on the Internet / It's easier to fit in with the status quo, but it's certainly not conductive to open-mindedness / Nate and Nathan call in with more stuff!

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My "take" on 9/11, and Obama's carefully scheduled war speech. Don't let your misguided patriotism trick you again! / iHop commercials are disingenuous. There's no morbidly obese people in them! / Just about everything is corn. That can't be good / The Apple Watch is so stupid for so many reasons. I tell you all the ones I can think of!

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Why libertarians REALLY surround themselves in cats / My highly lazy act of charity / LP on perception and intent / Time to alienate more listeners! Are property rights really axiomatic? Is there even such thing as an objective moral truth? / LP and Nathan hop on for the end.

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New info on vaccines and autism, because common sense isn't enough that you shouldn't inject mercury, alluminum, and formaldehyde into babies / People make money of you being sick, that's why no one tells you the sun heals you for free / libertarian computer people / The fappening / Nate and Nathan

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Apparently the best criticism the GOP can come up with of Obama is his golf playing and wardrobe. I guess all the drone murder isn't worth talking about / Watched a guy get duped by a satire news website. These things aren't funny / How does a bird prove itself and reincarnate as something less shitty? / Trying to get in shape...again

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