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Barack comes to Portland / The NYC "harassment" video has gone viral, so now apparently "have a nice day" is harassment. Furthermore, that woman is kind of a bitch / Phrases like YOLO and haters gonna hate are the mantra of the brain dead / Anaconda by Nicki Minaj is porn, right? / Nate from Legacy Radio joins as we feel old and look at other popular phrases used by the kids!

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Mike joins me again for a celebration of the 300th episode! / I don't judge homeless people like others, but they really gotta work on their sales pitch / I don't want an Instagram because I'm not a photographer / If Jezebel ran the world / How we're already living in Brave New World, and 1984 is the old kind of tyranny / Nate and Liberty Phoenix call in. Nate's calling from the woods so we try to scare him with ghost talk / Somehow lil' old weed gave me a spiritual awakening that was more personality shifting than anything else so far / What if we gave an elephant some LSD / Ending on a masturbation joke!

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Is it weird to hug a dude as a dude? Does culture really force an entire gender to be cold to be cool? Sounds like hypnosis from the man to me, man! / Florida woman offended by Breaking Bad action figure that comes with a bag of drugs. We need to stop being offended by drugs, and start being offended by people using the illegitimate  force. / Constant Reefer Madness level propaganda is still being pumped out in our newspapers all the time!

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Guilt based, chainmail-esque Facebook "awereness spreading" bullcrap / Restaurants that invent food and words and then make you say the dumb words out loud to order it / Riots in Keene! I LOVE riots. Darryl W. Perry calls in to give us the scoop on what's going down!

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The latest updates in my shitty life saga / My uneducated opinions on Ebola...still make more sense than most people's / Your input, real or on a screen, beecomes your perception of reality / Fear of death is their weapon against us and the word "emergency" is their excuse for dictatorship / Because I got High remix. Can you even believe people are still hung up on legalization? / LP and Nathan call in and hang out!

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Rob joins for the first hour where I regail to him the story of how I broke MaLinda's car / More chit-chat with Rob / Nate from Legacy radio joins me for the second hour for more random shit / I haven't listened back to this one so that's why the shownotes are vague. Enjoy!

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Cohost from way back when, Mike Mehigan makes his grand reappearance tonight! / We hang out, talk shit and politics over a bottle of whiskey / Plenty of fun calls come in too, you'll enjoy this one!

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My thoughts on dirt until your immune system is prepared for anything! / Garrett Fox calls in to hang for a while! / LP and Nate cover the latest Facebook debate-gate I was a part of.

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Why all podcasts are the worst / Does the news have to be 24/7? How about once every other week? / I hurt my neck, now I see why old people are so angry all the time / Other drunken ramblings...

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