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Mike is here / An a-hole cop story for ya / Utah firing squad bill, Amercia's bloodlust / Is Rush "offensive" or just dumb? / Inherent problems in our economic pradaigm / Caller with immigration debate / Obama the hypocrite / Jim Carrey illuminati stuff / Nate and Nathan!

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Enough with the butt stuff, and why Twitter is the worst, but could be the best / Feminists always miss the point / The director of the new Nicki Minaj video sounds like a truther! / a Tedx Talks where a 15 year old explains the dangers of GMO better than I could / GMO labeling and net neutrality / Enjoy!

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Co-host Mike Mehigan joins me for the first show from the new place in Portland / It's kind of a laid back hang-out episode where we figure out what we need to work out in the new studio for next week

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