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CHIP and ALBA join me in studio / We talk about life, the mind, reality, blah blah blah the usual stuff, right? Blaze up and just put this sucker on!

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MIKE is in studio / A stupid PD tells their FB followers that people are giving out ecstacy to trick or treaters. Dude, I wish that were true / Ron Paul says disarm the Feds. I remember why I'm in love with this old fucker / Finally saw Jurassic World. It was shit / Red Bar Radio gets national news but the news gets the story completely wrong / Pedophile culture. We read from a feminist blog that thinks it exists. Wow / Enjoy!

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Anybody else mad that the US government bombed a hospital? / Dafuq is going on in Syria / New co-host Chip pops in studio / More convo on the psychedelic experience / LP calls in, we chat about the FSP and the best way to spread the good word of freedom / The music industry / Much more!

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6 HOUR MEGASHOW / Renee From Seditious Sirens in studio / Baseball commentators make fun of selfie girls for two straight minutes / A guy called Chris calls in and adds nothing of value to your life / Huge after show with Nate from Legacy Radio and Hef Land on the phone, also Dalton Hemmingway from Conquered Cast makes an in studio appearance along with Patience Moxcey / This one's a party, enjoy!

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I learned a lot on my last mushroom trip, it knocked me out of my state of apathy and depression and I'm ready to kick the show back into high gear. I went on for about an hour on a variety of topics that I think you'll enjoy: the spiritual psychedelic experience, brainwashing, the state of our human culture and a bunch more. It started out as an update and a trip report and turned into a full on show.

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I yell about the flag stuff and the gay marriage ruling then Renee pops in and we hang out towards the end

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Hey guys, the war, it was a Joke. Nates here with me to laugh at the suckers / Breaking down that news of that shooter with the silly bowl cut / I did some standup at an FSP event and describe how things went / Dick jokes and aftershow!

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COHOST: LEE / More radio war nonsense / The war on terror or the war for toilets? / I don't even know what else, random talk about random stuff, haha / Take care of your vaping needs at, use the discount code OTALvape and get free shipping!

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