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Hillary! It's the scandal of the week and I really hope you guys are having fun / First successful penis transplant. The focus of the story SHOULD be it was needed after a botched circumcision / Do parents ever really know what they're doing? / Is trauma necessary for capitalism? / Nofap updates / They don't need to ban the guns when they've already banned the psychedelics!

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Live from the 2015 Liberty Forum!

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What's with this FCC bill? Is it real? Nothing feels real to me anymore unless it affects me directly / Jihad John will never sound as scary as Osama Bin Laden / Just do drugs. Drop acid. Remembering Bill Hicks. It's just a ride, folks! / Control is psychological / Doing the Nofap challenge / Hawking thinks the Hadron Collider is going to get us all killed...time to have that orgy you always wanted!

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