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With CODY and JESS / We took a nature hike / Moving into new places / Ian pops on for a bit / Sex ed and DARE / Kratom is nice / Supplements / Corey Feldman / Tons more!

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Spiritual humble-bragging / The OTAL fanboys call in to riff / Nate from Legacy Radio makes his first appearance in a long time / Nate argues with James from AZ / Vincent talks aliens / Much, much more!

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I'm joined by JESS and RENEE tonight / Fidget Spinners are the fad of the month / Parker is a mascot, but we think he's a furry / James has some serious business for Renee / The list of people who have died recently / Much, much more!

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James is particularly grumpy tonight / Autism comes to Sesame Street / Calling someone out that needed to be called out / Spiritual talk with Minister Freeman / More!

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Valentines day and relationship talk / Genders / Protesters are becoming animals / Bill Nye is back / TJ the Science Guy calls / Caller Alex says being naked is freedom / Max Sand opines on the crazy liberals / Nathan from Texas likes lizards / Donate to the show at

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