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Puxatony Phil did the right thing today, the White House released a photo of Obama shooting a gun and said not to photoshop it. Oh, we totally did anyway / Zeitgeist stuff and a call on the FED / USPS drivers get traffic immunity? More!

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Jon's here hanging out for the Thursday edition! / 6 year olds with toys are frightful, we should expel them / Applying for a medical marijuana card / Taking your calls! / Much more! Lot's of fun drunk times!

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People died in soccer riots in Egypt, so people got sentenced to death, and then people were mad so they killed more people. Wow. / Why Obama actually supports perpetual war / Wine talk and Ayn Rand talk!

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Inaug talk tonight including Obama craziness, Michelle's bangs that you bet people noticed, and Beyonce's "lip-gate" / It's 2013 and we still swear on Bible's / Some dude molested 21 people...damn he was busy! / More talk on why I don't care about important things anymore / Yahoo Answers / and more, I think

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Hear my totally real interview with Barack Obama at the top / My brand new "blame and credit" system to make coming up with opinions easy for even the dumbest idiot / Prostitution and other things that old people don't like / Radio industry stuff / Enjoy!

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Funny OTAL news segment at the top / Fear gives them power, laughing at them takes it away / E-mails and why I'm not Larry King / Some dude says you should love income tax... / Glenn Beck and Alex Jones both think they're running the liberty movement and yet they hate each other / Unmarked cop cars and the Purple Sedan of Justice / More!

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Remember that law that passed in L.A. mandating condoms in porn? Porn companies are lashing back to fight for their freedom. Otherwise 10,000 jobs might have to move to the only other state where porn isn't considered prostitution. New Hampshire. Lot's of talk about this tonight, fun stuff but really important too!

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Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan, craziness ensues / Come up with your own conclusions, and don't listen to everything buffoons on TV tell you / Deportation over free speech is not very libertarian / #cutforbieber / 52 pics of Osama's dead body and we can't see any of em / Sleep problems / More!

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Big announcement that OTAL will be broadcasting from the liberty forum in Nashua, details in the show / Things more violent than video games that have been around way longer / Possible anti-piracy measures coming to new console discs / Wii U and Nintendo rant / I know, lots of video game talk tonight, didn't feel political :D

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Awful musicians have an enormous stage to expand on their philosophy on life, but mostly just use it to say they don't want to get out of bed / You can't have a conversation about the economy without talking about the FED / Big debate between Cody and Mike on money / Acting is dumb, and paparazzi should not be legislated / Listen "rant request" on cops...oh boy did this get angry / More!

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